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Laboratory Accessories

Visionaire offers a wide range of Laboratory accessories. We manufacture and supply Lab accessories too along with all other products and services in big scale. Complying with the standards that we always adhere to, we are internationally recognized specially for the precise, skilful devising strategy. Please go through the list of products in this category. You may find them useful and economic.

  • PP Spot Extractors:Elephant trunk or PP Moulded injection moulded spot or local extractor for smooth exhaust with 3 or 4 joints form 3-5 meter diameter circumference.
  • Worktops: Epoxy worktops, Granite worktops, Ceramic worktops and Solid phenolic resin worktops are available and are supplied as per users requirements.Multifunctional with high durability, flexibility and Easy to deliver and install.
  • PP SINKS: PP Moulded injection moulded sheets with Chemical resistant. Easy to clean and environment friendly.
  • Scrubbers: Very compact and small-footprint scrubbers with low pressure loss and quite operation.
  • Carbon Filter: Carbon containment remover.
  • Centrifugal Blower: Medium to high pressure, specially designed for corrosive fume hood applications, they are highly resistant to chemical and corrosion.
  • Enclosure and Ventilation Products: They are designed to stable for temperature fluctuation and easy operation.
  • Stainless Steel Canopy: These are manufactured to serve as corrosion and abstraction resistant.
  • Ductwork and Related Engineering Systems: Scientific methods are used to design and manufacture the ducts.
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